7 comments on “Mama Love <3

  1. its good that you have a very good relationship with your mom, since there are some who would be relieved to get away from their mother……….the heart picture is very nice and relevant to the blog.-omari

  2. This was a very nice blog because she explain her feellings towards her mother and what she would do for her mother. She explain well her situation and what happen. She put a lot of details in it and she was very specific about the situation that they were in.
    -Karla torres

  3. Very interesting and entertaining. I agree, I would do whatever it takes to help my mother out. Well written and easy to relate to. Good job! – Michael Caraballo

  4. This blog was very nice casue you put alot of emtion into it so it was good to read. Its very nice how you give up alot of your time and your social life just so that you can be there for your mom.

    -Carlos Barrezueta

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